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All of the organisers of Mintex Rally Yorkshire, like Lombard Rally Bath, rallied in the 1970s and 1980s and are keen to bring the spirit of rallies from that time back to these events. These were days when drivers could turn up to the start of rallies in their day to day cars, often with no more than some simple safety modifications.

It was possible to take part in almost any sort of vehicle and for many, the challenge of just getting to the finish was the most important thing. The enormous variety of cars taking part was one of the great charms of rallying in those days.


In the 1970s and 1980s rallying was hugely popular in the UK – the Lombard Rally was the largest attended sporting event in the UK, more people spectated over the weekend that it ran that attended every Football League match put together! Rally cars visited almost all parts of the UK in those days and we want to bring historic rally cars back to these places.

Meet the Team

Tim Nash

Fool in the hat and event organiser

Tim started rallying in 1974, following his elder brother , Tony, who had been a successful co-driver with the Ford, Standard/Triumph, BMC, Lancia, British Leyland and Renault Alpine works teams, into the sport.  He is pictured at the start of the 1976 Lombard RAC Rally, the second of his three runs on this event.

Pauline Gullick

Driver Invitations and Organisation of the Charity to benefit from the event

Pauline is still co-driving today, sitting with multiple British Champion driver, Jimmy MacRae. Pauline has rallied all over the World in approaching 50 years in the sport.

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